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The Teesside Branch would like to thank the following photographers for allowing their pictures to be posted on this site:-

-  John Barnett -  John Ellis -  Paul Millard
-  John Briscoe -  Les Ellis -  Betty Unwin
-  Viv Brooks -  Brian Gleeson -  Brian Unwin
-  Martin Brown -  John Gamesby  
-  Alan Craig -  Fred Johnston  

It is obviously not possible to include pictures of representative species in all the genera in each of the above categories. It is merely our intention to offer a selection of photographs to aid those people who are new to the hobby or to a particular group of plants. It is, however, hoped that these galleries will be extended over a period of time to make them gradually more comprehensive.

Naming of plants is always a contentious issue. Taxonomy is continually changing, and at any one time different botanists have different opinions as to the correct name for a specific plant, further, growers often retain old, familiar names on their labels. The naming of the plants in these galleries cannot satisfy everyone in this respect, so no attempt has been made to do so. If, however, you find a picture in which the plant has been incorrectly identified (i.e. wrongly named rather than merely labelled with an old name or synonym), please click the button below and send an e-mail to us stating which picture you believe is in error and what you believe the plant should be called).

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The copyright for all pictures on this site remains the property of the BCSS Teesside Branch and the original photographer.
Anyone wishing to reproduce any of them for whatever reason, either as hard copies or for website use, should e-mail their request giving full details of the intended use.
Such requests will generally be looked upon favourably provided they are for none commercial purposes.