Tiny seedlings in two 2 inch (50mm) square pots
This is the easy bit! Getting most cactus seeds to germinate is not a problem, but care is required to raise the tiny seedlings into mature plants.
Watch out for sciarid flies and ensure the seedlings stay a healthy green by adjusting light levels.

Photograph by :John Ellis

Photograph by :John Ellis

Seedlings with ruler for scale To give a sense of scale, and show just how successful germination can be if seed is fresh, look at the ruler (in mm) in this picture 

Photograph by :John Ellis

Seedlings in trays After germination grow the seedlings on until they are a manageable size, then carefully transplant them into trays in which they can grow undisturbed.

Photograph by : John Ellis

Rebutia seedlings Before trying the slower, and more touchy, species try getting hold of some seed from Rebutia, Gymnocalycium or Notocactus to practice with. These can flower in just two years.

Photograph by :John Ellis

Mixed Rebutia seedlings Don't scorn mixed or hybrid seed. It is true that more experienced growers want to know what they are getting, but for the seed raising beginner it is ideal and usually has a high success rate.

Photograph by :Martin Brown

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