For several years the Teesside Branch has handed out advice sheets to interested members of the public. The advice offered below is based these handouts. They are NOTintended to be a definitive guide to the cultivation of succulent plants, merely a guide to help the more inexperienced growers to get to grips with the basics, thus enabling their interest in the hobby to be maintained.

Obviously, within each category, some plants are more difficult to keep than others and are particular about their specific growing conditions, again this cannot be catered for here. Out of necessity these notes offer a generalised approach based on cultivation in the United Kingdom.

To aid printing the advice sheets are in ".pdf" format. Please be patient while the pages load. In order to view the pages you will need an up to date copy of Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have one, click the button below for a free download.

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Huernia pillansii Asclepiads (General)
Notocactus mammulosus Cacti & Succulents (General)
Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus) Cacti (Epiphytic)
Grafted cactus Grafting
Hoya carnosa 'Sweet One' Hoyas

Bowl of Lithops

Lithops (Living Stones)
Seed raising Seedraising (advice sheet)

Seedraising (additional pictures)

Flowers of Sempervivum arachnoides Sempervivums (House Leeks)

In addition to the above "advice sheets", the following "Problems" page may be of some assistance.....

Problems ? Problems ?

We have in the past received questions from growers around the world We regret we cannot provide a 'helpline' for growers outside of the Teesside Branch catchment area.Anyone with a specific problem regarding cultivational difficulties is advised to post the question on the internet via the BCSS Forum. This should usually result in one or more helpful responses from other growers who may have previously experienced a similar situation.

Another question often asked is "where can we buy particular plants from?". Try the Cactus Mall for the names and addresses of specialist nurseries in your own area.

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Please feel free to print, copy and distribute these cultivation notes. We do ask however that the BCSS Teesside Branch is acknowledged as their source on any such copies.