Bowl of LithopsLithops leslei v hornei (C364)
Bowl of LithopsBowl of Lithops
Lithops, often referred to as "Living Stones", are one of the most well known of the Mesembs. It is common practice to grow several species together in a single bowl garden and to disguise the plants by mixing them amongst similar shapes pebbles. The size, shape and markings camouflage these plants very well when they are not in flower. The picture on the top right gives a further indication of this, bearing in mind that it is the sole focus of the picture, it is in bud and also has a gravel background, yet despite that it still tries to blend in! The bottom two examples of Lithops as bowl gardens were photographed at the Zone One Show at the National Garden Festival, Gateshead 1990.

Photographs by : Martin Brown (top left) and John Ellis (top right, bottom left & right)

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